7 More Video Games that Book Lovers Will Enjoy


Lately I have been writing lots about books and reading. This week I decided to mix things up and write about the other great love of my life, gaming. Then I found this article by Blake J. Harris on “10 Video Read more ›

Lecture: Early medical printing and the Fasciculus medicinae of Johannes de Ketham


On Monday the 19th May 2014 I attended a lecture in the Royal College of Physicians in London. It was in honour of their library’s recent acquisition of  a 1500 edition of the Fasciculus medicinae. Along with discussing the  Fasciculus medicinae itself, Peter Murray Jones, Read more ›


Crowd Sourcing Art Descriptions: Your Paintings Tagger


At the moment I am a full-time student in City University studying Information Science. As part of that course we learn all about information resources and how they are organised. We are taught the importance of categorising and organising information Read more ›

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