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Although Disney Pixar has a habit of ripping your heart out and stomping on it, e.g. the last ten minutes of Toy Story 3 or the first ten minutes of Up, we find ourselves braving the possible tears and we sit ourselves down to watch every new release they have to offer. It is clear that much heart goes into creating these films. One film in particular has showcased Pixar’s incredible storytelling abilities and it is their 2008 creation WALL·E. At the core, is a futuristic commentary on very real environmental issues. I know it doesn’t exactly sound heart warming, but this commentary all occurs through the story of one curious little robot’s discovery of friendship. WALL·E does have its moments of heartbreak, and if you have seen the film, you probably would rather not be reminded of these. However, there are many more reasons for tears throughout the film, be it for happy reasons or for the fact that it is possibly one of the cutest things you will ever see.
Wall-E et Eve

This brings the post to the “Must See: Web Weekly”. Mike Senna is a programmer and hobbyist from California, well known for an R2-D2 replica he made back in 2003. More recently he tackled the concept of creating WALL·E from scratch. In the video you can see his replica in its final stages. You can see that the replica is a product of hard work and genuine love for the craft, not unlike the Pixar films themselves. Also, one would be hard pressed not to “squee” as soon as they see the replica move about and start to make sounds. I’ll admit I made a few inhuman sounds myself, it’s just too cute!

Wall E Video url:[youtube=]

You can also read about the WALL·E replica’s adventures in the outside world on his blog at:

More WALL·E replica  progress videos and indeed, many of the R2-D2 replica, can be viewed on Mike Senna’s Youtube channel at:

You can find Emer on Twitter @Commander_Emu.

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