Must See Web Weekly: Eubie Blake

As part of my final year studying music in university, I chose to take on the module “Jazz Styles in the USA.” Partly because it was the first time we were given the opportunity to study something more popular, and partly because of the games (BioShock, Fallout, L.A. Noire) that have sparked my interest in the music in recent times.

Eubie Blake

Eubie Blake

This weeks’ “Web Weekly” comes in the form of a video shown to the class to illustrate attitudes towards ragtime in its heyday. It is a clip from a documentary on ragtime, in which the great Eubie Blake speaks about how his mother disapproved of him playing it. Eubie Blake was an extraordinary man, he was born in 1887and  lived right on up to 1983. This meant that he saw the emergence of jazz as a musical style and experienced it’s transformations. As a gifted pianist and composer, he wrote one of the first musicals to be written by an African American , with Noble Sissle. But we don’t need to tell you what a legend he is, just a look yourself at the video below. Eubie Blake plays Ragtime

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