Must See Web Weekly – Musical drinks with Analogue Sticks

Whether you’re sipping champagne at a wedding reception, enjoying sangria on the coast of Spain, or even drinking cans out in a field with your closest friends (I’m sure many are guilty of this one), it is impossible to argue that certain types of alcohol have not become synonymous with not only certain social settings, but also certain cultures and much more. There are indeed many factors that go into your choice of tipple other than your personal preference. Many times, it is all about the mood and setting.  So, picture this, you’re getting ready to go out clubbing and one of your friends puts on the latest Marina & the Diamonds album, for example. You, like many, are not immune to some of the infectious beats of her newest creations, you’re suddenly really excited for later. You decide that you would like a drink…but what will you have? Do not fret, because the internet yet again, has a solution.

Drinkify is a website that picks alcoholic beverages for you based on what music you are listening to. Marina and the Diamonds gives a result of vodka and red bull which is quite appropriate for the scenario described above. The site catalogues artists new and old from Lady Gaga (6 oz. vodka garnished with an olive), to Peggy Lee, (1 bottle of red wine) to Franz Schubert (1 oz. Ecstasy liqueur, 1 oz. Coco López and 8 oz. Tabasco sauce). For those of you blaring Adele and bawling your eyes out over a recent break up, get your friends over and try “The Adele” cocktail listed on the site. With vodka, coconut milk and honey, heartbreak never seemed so tasty.

The “Shirley Templar” – Just the thing after a day of running around rooftops

Luckily for you all this week, I have another corner of the internet for you to explore. Since this week’s “Web Weekly” concerns itself with alcohol, it would be a crime to leave out one of my favourite beverage blogs. The Drunken Moogle is a Tumblr blog dedicated to showcasing, in their own words, “geek culture and booze”. The blog boasts cocktails from over sixty video games, however, that is not all. The Drunken Moogle also has showcased cocktails inspired by tv, film and comics, such as Dexter, Batman and Cowboy Bebop. That is still not all the blog has to offer, they have a large list of video game bars that exist around the world (though there are none listed in Ireland, boo) and a section specifically for drinking games, including one for A Game of Thrones. If you’ve ever wanted to knock back Ryncol like Commander Shepard on the Citadel, then The Drunken Moogle is a place for you.

As always, have fun but don’t forget to drink responsibly.

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