Must See Web Weekly: 1-800-ASSASSINO

Sometimes we forget that there a real, living people behind the voices of our favourite cartoon and video game characters. Everything this character is, seems to exist within a sort of vacuum.  More often than not, when we are faced with who is responsible for a character’s voice we simply cannot equate the reality of it all. This happened to me most recently when I discovered that Mark Hamill most known in the voice acting world for his recurring role as  Batman’s Joker, also voices Skips from Regular Show. I also felt quite surprised finding out that Tom Kenny, the voice of Spongebob Squarepants, is also the Ice King from Adventure Time.

The voice I may or may not be ruining for you today is that of Assassin’s Creed protagonist Ezio Auditore. Below is a snippet from one of Ubisoft’s official  “The Assassin’s Den” podcasts, in which the voice actor Roger Craig Smith has Ezio advertise his services, with hilarious results.

If you want to hear more of Ezio and are interested in learning about how Roger Craig Smith ended up as a voice actor, and how he worked with writers to create this iconic character, the full podcast is below. If you want the mp3 download they have provided a link for you in the video’s description.

You can play Ezio’a story on the following three games which are available from Amazon:

Assassin’s Creed Revelations – Classics (Xbox 360)

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Classics (Xbox 360)

Assassins Creed II: Game of The Year – Classics Edition (Xbox 360)

2 thoughts on “Must See Web Weekly: 1-800-ASSASSINO

  1. Hello! That was a nice blog post. I’m a huge fan of the
    Assassin’s Creed games. I just have to have
    more news about this great franchise! I’ve already subscribed to the RSS feeds, and want
    to know do you have an email list? It’d be really cool
    if I could get the lastest posts sent straight to
    my email inbox!

    • Alana Farrell

      Hi Bridgette,

      We don’t have an email list at the moment but it is something that we are looking into for the future. We will announce it on the website when it is up and running.



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