Must See Web Weekly: Diet Music

It can be quite scary to remember all of the hobbies we took up when we were younger that were only met with eventual abandonment. In older age, many of us regret not sucking it up and becoming a prima ballerina or an Olympian, which is a feat barely possible once you hit a certain age. Something you can always do at any stage in your life is learn how to play an instrument. However, between buying the instrument and paying for lessons and spending time practising  it can be quite a commitment to make.

So, for those of you who run the risk of becoming bored or unmotivated quickly, there may be a quite novel way for you to make some music cheaply. Pay a visit to your kitchen and drill holes in some vegetables.  The best part is, if you give up on your journey to become a virtuoso, you can always make a stir-fry.

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