Must See Web Weekly: Phantom Strings

When played right the violin can be one of the most haunting and dynamic instruments, as showcased expertly throughout Gary Schyman’s score written for BioShock for example. This week’s ‘Web Weekly’ shows what happens when you take an iconic soundtrack such as the one from The Phantom of the Opera and base it around the sounds of electric violin. The musician Lindsey Stirling of YouTube channel , uses her unique mix of modern dance and violin playing to create a visually and aurally stunning work which is a feature in each and every one of her videos.

If the world of musical theatre doesn’t appeal much to you, you can also watch her tackle a blend of dubstep and violin, lend her talents to covers of pop songs, or even run around snow capped mountains as if she were straight out of  Solitude’s ‘Bard’s College’ in this Skyrim main theme cover.

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