NaNoWriMo -Week 1

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Day 1 – 01/11/2012

If I was going to fail any day, it would have been today. I have work in the morning and then I am out all afternoon for shopping and a show with my Mammy. This meant a 6am start before work and you know I did it. I got up, made some proper coffee and wrote until 8am.

It was tough to keep going. Every part of me wanted to stop and read over my work to fix sentences and have a deep think about how to describe an acrylic couch, a rainy Dublin evening or just about anything to brighten the text. This is not what the month is about however so I soldiered on with the plot.

I have also realised that I have no idea how to write dialogue. I guess once the words are down I can go back after and edit.

Day 2 – 02/11/2012

Today was the awkward second album. I was not able to get up early this morning due to guests staying so it was a case of trying to get it done in the afternoon. It was tough to get going again but after thirty minutes things began to get easier again and it was tough to stop.

One of my main characters is from Poland so today I researched terms of endearment in Polish. I was very nervous picking one in case I got the wrong context or usage. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong!

Day 3 – 03/11/2012

Glad I overshot yesterday. It makes today slightly easier. I went home to visit my family into a house full of chaos, noise, laughter and catching-up.

I managed to write a few words here and there around family activities. Here having a tablet was a blessing. Small and light I could carry it around and open when I had a few quiet minutes.

Day 4  - 04/11/2012

It was a lazy Sunday so I took my time today and exceeded my goal easily. It was really nice to chill in the living room with coffee and write at leisure.

I have come to realise that writing at the start of the day is a good idea. That way I am able to think about the story, any gaps or anything new that I can add to the story. I can then add this to a “to add” list for December editing.

Day 5 – 05/11/2012

Monday. Back to work and back to the chaos. The apartment is a tip and I need to go food shopping. As cleaning is a great tool of procrastinating I have decided to only let my self clean a corner of the room if I have completed 500 words. Harsh but it worked and I now have a partially cleaned living room and a boosted word count

Day 6 – 06/11/2012

Today was a pretty chilled day to write which was great as I had a scene full of stress, tension and cursing to write.  Luckily all the stress was in the scene and not with my writing tools. I am using the wonderful Scrivener to write and plot my novel. It has a 30 day free trial so do try it yourself.

I even managed to squeeze in a blog post yesterday so I think I can chill now and make some soup.

Day 7&8

I got zero writing done for the past two days. Mostly because I got engaged. I figure that is as good an excuse as any. Now to catch up!



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