NaNoWriMo: Week 2

Categories Literature

Day 9

After the madness of the past two days it is back to work. I locked myself away and aimed to catch up, even just a little. It seemed appropriately that the scene I was working on today was one full of tension and panic.

So I sat down and did 2,000 words. Although my predictors says that I will be finished on 2nd December I am certain that will be able to pull it back and to finish on time. I have lost my 5 day lead but that is nothing to worry about.

After I finished I logged onto the website to find a story in my nano mail about failing behind and encouraging you to keep going. Great timing and great inspiration. I will make it on time!

Day 10

The great catch-up continued today and I managed to pull it back to finishing on the 1st of December.

It was really scary to see how quickly how you can fall behind on the days but today I realised how quickly you can catch up. An evening out at the theatre last night also helped a great deal.

Today I had to ask some awkward questions about tazers and how they work for one of the scenes that I am writing. One of the people in question was very suprised that I was reviewing tazers for a culture website. I was more than happy to correct him as they are not legal in Ireland!

Day 11

Today I sent everyone out of the house (except the cat) so I could work in isolation. I know that I will have no time to work on the book on Tuesday so pulled a double shift today.  Part of the purpose is to get used to writing everyday but there will be some days when you wonder if you will have time for dinner let alone writing a minimum of 1,667 words. So it is good to plan ahead for those times.

Today I wanted to do 5,000 but made it to 4,600 which I am happy with.

I also discovered that if a plot knot has appeared go brush your teeth. It really helped me today!

Day 12

Today was a nice easy day of writing.  I am getting to really enjoy spending time with my characters and developing the stories. Great fun.

Day 13

Today was the start of my course so I knew that I would get no writing done. I was right as there was readings to be done and I also had a music class. I am very glad that I suffered through Sunday and now can chill in peace.

Day 14

I had planned to write today but decided instead I went to the protest outside of Dáil Éireann. It was about the death of Savita Halappanavar in a Galways hospital. She was refused medical treatment that could have saved her life because of the inaction of countless Irish governments.  I had to go, and will be attending the protest next Saturday. Fiction can wait while you try and do your part to make stories like this a thing of the past. My deepest sympathies to her family.


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