NaNoWriMo: Week 3

Day 15

We were released early from my course so I dashed home (via some very nice dress shops) to get stuck into the novel. I reached a turning point tonight in the plot and I am very nervous about entering into it. It is now that some of the secrets get revealed and I really want to make sure it is done in a way that is sensitive to the needs of the story.

Also I am now at the point of starting to think   hard about plot holes. I am the first person to point out if there are any in the work of others so I must hold myself to the same standard. This involves constantly thinking about the story when I can and asking a ton of questions about it. Why? How did they get there? How did they find out?

I have identified some holes and will need to go back to fix them. However as I can’t reverse with NaNoWriMo I have taken note of them and shall address them all in the editing process.

Day 16

Shattered. My mind is aching from all the work this week and a long work day didn’t help. So I got lazy and drank beer, ate crisps and played Portal 2 instead of writing. My excuse? I am writing sci-fi so need to do some research. My reason? I was tired and wanted to drink beer and play the Xbox.

Day 17

Saturday means catch-up day. I managed to cover most of what I missed his week and covered over some of the holes. I also introduced some new characters who I am very excited to bring in and develop.

I am now over half way through and I am excited to see the home stretch. Will I make it on time?

My very supportive partner has offered to buy me a t-shirt if I exceed the word limit and get to 60,000 words. I doubt I will but I can try!

Day 18

Today was an easy day. I had family coming at 1pm and the house needed to be cleaned so the panic made the words flow easily. I got 3,500 done in less than two hours and I am delighted with that.

Day 19

Monday and a full day in work. Finished promptly and grabbed a beer, snuggled with the cat and got cracking. Over shot a bit but that just means less to do on another day!

I am really staring to enjoy the writing process. After a day of writing policies and procedures it is nice to let the imagination run wild.

Also hit the 30,000 words barrier!

Day 20

Now that I am at the 30,000 word’s barrier I am panicking that I would not have enough story left to hit the 50,000 mark. So much of the plot has already been covered, would there be enough to see it through?

Again like they were reading my mind I received a Nano mail on this very topic. I am glad to see that I am not alone is going through this and it will be ok.

Day 21

All I wanted to do this evening was sleep. But I struggled on, the sleepiness not being helped by a glass of wine (or two).  It is becoming so much of my life now that it felt like I have always done this. Still I am looking forward to not doing it everyday as I am neglecting other things too much to make time for it. Maybe I will just have to bite the bullet and get up early in the morning.





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