NaNoWriMo: Week 4

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Day 22

Only I week left! I can’t believe that I have managed to write 36,000 word in three weeks. It feels incredible to have reached this point and I am more determined that ever to finish the 50,000.

It seems not that long ago that 13,000 words seemed like a huge amount to achieve. Now it feel like going down a hill rather than struggling up one.

I still however don’t have a proper title. I may start working on that!

Day 23

Confession. I drank beer and chilled out. I was just not in the mood to write and used the excuse of charging my batteries.

Day 24

It is Saturday which has become know as catch up day and I caught up all right. Hit the 40,000 word target today and am delighted with myself.

The dialogue was snappy, the plot holes were small and the spelling mistakes were minimal. Happy with today!

Day 25

Sundays are quickly becoming my favourite days to write traditionally because it was also my day of housework. But I can’t do housework as I am writing a novel, you see?

Unfortunately I can feel a cold creeping up so this week so the homes stretch will be hell if I am sick.

Day 26

Up at the track of dawn for a two hour drive to work. Am also very sick today.

Got home late and was too shattered to even think about characters and plots. Throat was dead too so just had a burrito and went to bed.

Day 27

A normal day thank goodness apart from the sickness. In fact I think it made me a little delirious as I was writing. Either way I got the work done and I can see the home stretch. It is funny how now writing 1,500 words a day seems like a doodle. 1 month ago I would have laughed for anybody saying that.

Day 28

Getting close to the deadline! Right now I am writing quite an exciting piece of the story and it is all action, fear and nerves. Although I had a general idea of what I wanted from the scenes I had not really gone into much detail before hand. Now after weeks of writing ways to make the story more interesting just seem to pop into my head as I am writing. What I ended up with is so much much fun than what I initially planned. Sorry to the characters though, your lives will not be quiet ones!

Day 29

I wanted to be finished by the 30th so today is key. I feel like absolute death though. We had no heating in our apartment for 4 days now, I have a heavy cold and our fire alarms have been randomly going off in the middle of the night so I am  sleep deprived. Thankfully an electrician finally managed to fix the problems but the damage is done. I am exhausted.

Despite this I surprise myself with a feat of endurance and manage to hammer out over 1,000 words before falling asleep. Now all that is left is 2,500 which I will complete tomorrow. I took the day off work and will get this done!

Day 30

Goal achieved. 50,123 Verified by the site and all. I then got the “well done” video and the certificate. A t-shirt will also be purchased to honour this momentous occasion.

So was it worth it? Absolutely. I have not worked on something this hard that wasn’t an exam, ever. I never would have though it possible, not with work and life commitments. Yes some other things in my life did suffer but I know that I can do it now. So it is up to me to find a way going forward that is sustainable and fits in with my life for the other 11 months of the year.

So what is next? Step 1, finish the first draft of this story for starters as I didn’t actually reach the end for all my worrying about the length of the book.  Then leave it untouched for a month before going back to do some revisions and make it actually readable.

I will learn how to write dialogue.

I will also begin planning for next year. I have the bug now so goodbye Novembers forever.





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