Something Old: Acapulco Mexican Restaurant

I love food. All kinds of food and as a vegetarian some people, for some reason, think that the two things don’t go together. I mean how can you say that you love food if you deny yourself so much of it?  This makes no sense (as there is always something that someone won’t eat) and I like to see food as a fun challenge where I can get flavours from different sources and experiment.

Unfortunately many restaurants don’t seem to get this and there are so many times that I am left with terrible meals because they lack the imagination, skill or expertise to do a creative meat-free dish. Pasta arrabiata and all risottos are on my list of enemies and I have even been to a restaurant which had chicken in the vegetarian bento box and served pork on top of vegetarian marked tofu.  So when I find a restaurant that is bothered making an effort I really appreciate it.

Acapulco is one of those restaurants that goes beyond making an effort and has managed to incorporate vegetarian meals into their menu with ease.  It is a Mexican restaurant on South Great Georges Street and there are a range of very tasty dishes available to try for veggies and meat eaters alike. I have not done a review of the restaurant as of yet so I just had to go last Saturday night to have a meal to write about. So I booked brought along two very willing companions and we were seated within 10 minutes of arriving which was good for a busy evening. As always the place was buzzing, with warm lighting, light décor and quick, friendly service.

To drink

Whenever I come to here to eat I always order a Margarita. It is a blend of Tequila, limes, ice and triple sec in a glass rimmed with salt and garnished with a slice of lime. It is always a delicious accompaniment to the spicy food. Just don’t drink it too quickly as it can give you ice burn.


My trusty companion had his usual Dos Equis which is also a great accompaniment to the food. Patrick just had a cranberry juice but has ordered the Hibiscus lemonade before and it was an really nice alternative to alcohol.

To Start

My trusty companion and I have learned our lesson about being gluttons and shared the Nachos Supreme. Placed under a grill they have a fantastic crispy texture with a gooey melted cheese topping. The toppings are rich yet fresh, and I am craving them big-time just be writing this. We also have tried the quesadilla before which is perfect for sharing.

Nacho Supreme


Patrick had a spicy chicken taquito and he confirmed it’s deliciousness. He said the texture was pleasant and the filling flavoursome.

Chicken Taquitos


We do not share mains. They are far too tasty and where I get all my nutrition from…..

My trusty companion had the chimichanga which was stuffed with vegetable chilli and feta cheese with a side of guacamole. I had a burrito filled with vegetable chilli, refried beans, cheese and of course guacamole. The chilli was excellent, not too bland or spicy and it even included beans for protein. The wraps are soft to eat but manage to hold the food together and you will not be left hungry afterwards!

Veg Chilli Chimichanga

Patrick also had burritos but he ordered one filled with shredded pork and mango with a serrano chilli salsa with a little gem leaf. He said that the mango was refreshing a great accompaniment to the spicy burrito.

Pork burrito

This we had with a side salad which was a good size and had a variety of fruit and veg mixed in. It does come with dressing so this needs to be ordered on the side if it is your preference.

Side Salad


I don’t normally have desert but as I was reviewing the food I was obliged to (ahem). I managed to convince my trusty companion to order the Chimi D with me. This is a deep fried tortilla filled with chocolate and nuts with a side of ice-cream and caramelised banana. I tried to crack it when it came out which didn’t work and I was a bit disappointed. That was until a cut into it a a small river of melted chocolate oozed out. Heavy, rich and delicious it is the perfect very occasional treat. As our waiter Andy said, I would not like to get the taste for them.

Chimi D

Patrick ordered the Mango Mess which was the complete opposite of the Chimy D. It was cool, light, fruity and the meringue gave a crunch  without the heaviness.

Mango Mess

Before we hit the road we ordered a final shot of Tequila, Patron Silver which was delicious and worm free. It was strange to drink it with the goal of enjoying the taste rather than just to get drunk but I very much enjoyed it and it was much better fun.


To book

If you are going at the weekend I would strongly recommend that you reserve a table as it is always very busy, especially at weekends and later in the evening.

All the details can be found on their website.






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