The American Bar (Savoy, London)

Do you like cocktails?  Do you like the 20′s and 30′s?, Yes?, then get yourself to the Savoy hotel and soak up the ambiance of the American bar.   The American Bar at the Savoy Hotel was one of the earliest establishments to introduce American-style cocktails to Europe, and although it moved around the hotel at different points, it has been in constant operation since its founding. The American bar is an institution in itself, the bar staff are some of the most famous in the industry.  the current head bar man Erik Lorincz, has in fact been named one of the 1000 most influential Londoners. by the Evening Standard newspaper.

The Savoy

The American Bar is an intimate bar located to the side of the main lobby.  It is decorated in wonderful, warm art-deco design with cream and ochre walls and electric blue and gold chairs. The walls feature the photos of some of the  famous guests that have passed through the hotel during its history.   The atmosphere is added to by the pianist who plays live jazz every day from a baby grand piano in the centre of the room.  An evening at the American bar is almost like stepping back in time, to when people dressed for dinner and music and cocktails flowed. Here you can sample any cocktail you desire, from my favourite “White Lady”  created by the Savoy’s most famous head bar man Harry Craddock, to another Savoy invention a “Green Park”.  Don’t forget their own recipe for the “Bloody Mary” for the next morning.  It should be noted you will not see a “Sex on the Beach” anywhere on the menu, this place serves proper cocktails.  One of the most wonderful things about the staff at the American Bar, is their encyclopaedic knowledge of cocktails, all one has to do is mention a particular flavour you like, and bang, they will make you a cocktail from scratch  it is really impressive and quite amazing to watch.

Yes, ok here is the truth, it is expensive with cocktails starting around £16.  But in my opinion the price is worth it, because like I mentioned, it is more then a drink, you are paying for an amazing atmosphere, with some of the best barmen in all of London.  It is also very important to know that the American bar does enforce a strict dress code, so if you decide to treat yourself, make sure you dress smart, and don’t wear trainers.  I am a big fan of dress codes, as I believe it helps to add to the atmosphere, and I love when an establishment enforces it.

So all in all for a good, relaxing night in London, head to the American bar, you won’t be disappointed.

Want to try some at home check out:

The Savoy Cocktail book by Harry Craddock or this one by all the bar staff at the hotel.

Here is a great book on Cocktails that have almost been forgotten and many include vintage spirits. Let’s bring them back!

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