Must See Web Weekly: Dragon Effect

Some of us here at Rediscovering Culture would mention the Mass Effect game series and the Dragon Age series when it comes to listing our favourite games. So naturally if we were presented with a crossover we would get very excited, and I have (I did get very excited -Ed). The crossover in question is a digital art piece made by ~AndrewRyanArt which he posted to his deviantART two characters at a time before the final piece was revealed. For the crossover to work he has provided explanations of where he made changes and why, like having the character Miranda Lawson still part of Cerberus, but it would be a “rogue apostate organisation” in the new context [link]. The main piece is below, click for bigger and of course to check out some more of Andrew Ryan’s stunning art.


If you want to spend your time adventuring in space, you can purchase Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 on If you’re more of a fantasy fan you can get  Dragon Age: Origins (click here for “Ultimate Edition”) and Dragon Age 2 instead.

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