Must See Web Weekly: Here’s to 2012!

With Christmas over, I’m sure you all have had your fill of food and drink…and tins of sweets which you really did not want to eat. Most of you are ready to jump on that January diet/exercise bandwagon but remember it’s not January just yet. Come on, are you really going to spend your last day in 2012 crunching away on some carrot sticks and wrestling with that resistance band? It is a bit unfortunate that New Year’s is on a Monday this year as I am sure you all have many responsibilities to attend to, but surely you have at least some time to spend with friends and/or family to celebrate (or indeed say good riddance) to 2012 and welcome a new and hopefully better year.

Now many people including myself are on quite the 1920′s kick. I’m going to blame the impending arrival of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, I mean look at the trailer, it’s stunning.

Unless you have lots of money and the most efficient party planner ever, you will never pull off a party like that in such short notice. It is possible to have a slice of the Gatsby action however by throwing a speakeasy style cocktail party, which is what I’ll be attending for New Year’s, minus the bootleg bathtub gin of course. I have found a small list of prohibition era cocktails here including a supposed favourite of none other than Al Capone! For an authentic Gatsby cocktail look no further than the Mint Julep as mentioned in chapter seven of the book (also a favourite of Mad Men character Betty).

If you want style inspiration it is quite easy to explore the internet for some authentic 20′s pictures and articles, for more modern interpretations  you could look at part of Ralph Lauren’s collection for New York Fashion Week Spring 2012. I know fell in love when I saw it, think art deco beading, fringe, drop waists and adorable hats. Also check out this vintage inspired dress from River Island here.

I am not forgetting about the men here, it might be a great excuse to break out that suit. Look no further than HBO series Boardwalk Empire for a clear picture of the style of the era. If you’re feeling really brave you could try your hand at this 1920′s undercut or just ask a barber to do it for you. That might be a better choice.

Bobby Cannavale as Gyp Rosetti.

So that’s it. Hopefully you’ll gain some inspiration from this, whether you utilise it for New Year’s Eve or for some other occasion. Hopefully this year is the best yet for all of you and I will see you with an article more akin to previous Web Weeklies in the new year. For now, I’ll leave you with something a little more lively than that tired song Auld Lang Syne.

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