Must See Web Weekly: Japan’s Gameshows

One fateful day watching “Best of” clips of Japanese game show  Takeshi’s Castle on YouTube I came across an array of other incredibly wacky clips from variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahend!!  Today I want to share with you my favourites, just to make today a little bit more bearable.

The first clip involves a game in which players must put their heads into a rubber band strapped to a board and attempt to eat hanging marshmallows in front of them. It is not the prettiest thing to watch but that’s what makes it so funny! This game has also been replicated on US talk-show Ellen [clip].

My second choice is the game known as “Silent Library” which surprisingly is not any less humiliating than the marshmallow game but still as hilarious. In the game, the players sit in a library and turn over cards, whoever gets the skull card has to receive a punishment such as getting an old man minus his teeth sucking on their neck. There is an MTV remake but it is nowhere near as good, and it goes without saying that this video clip is not for the squeamish.

The last and best clip from what I’ve seen of the show is from the game “No Laughing”, where if someone laughs they get a smack on the bottom with a bat. Sounds easy enough to avoid right? Watch this clip and let us know how long you go without cracking up. I unfortunately couldn’t find the English sub but it is quite simple to understand what is going on, no matter how insane it may seem.

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