Must See Web Weekly: “When Gordon Met Chell”

Valve made their mark on the gaming industry when they debuted with the game Half-Life over a decade ago (just in case you wanted to feel old). They went on to subsequently release a sequel which only lead fans to beg for more, however with Valve having never released a third instalment of any of their other games and the fact that Valve themselves are very quiet about the future of the Half-Life series, there doesn’t seem to be much hope. I’m not here today to unmask top secret details about a possible third episode, but I may have your fix of Gordon Freeman…if only for four minutes and thirty seven seconds.

The Orange Box

This amazing video by Australian Michael Shanks of   sees Portal protagonist Chell team up with Gordon Freeman to take out his attackers in a spectacular fashion. Now that really is thinking (very quickly might I add) with Portals.

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