Must See Web Weekly: Menswear Dog

No matter how much you try to defend it, you have to admit that the fashion and the world around it can be pretty weird. So between the avant garde and the editorials of  models in the strangest places (via heavyheels) a dog in menswear should not be that surprising to see. Menswear Dog is a Tumblr and Instagram account dedicated to arguably the most fashionable three year old Shiba Inu in the world. I mean check out this tribute to the drool-worthy fashion world of AMC’s Mad Men and tell me Menswear Dog doesn’t have it.

Dog Draper (via mensweardog)

Accompanying each picture is a breakdown of the items featured along with items “not shown”. This suave dog has become so popular that many people are dressing up their own pets in the best of menswear. I think it’s the only time that I have found animals in clothes in any way interesting, and that is partly due to how well the outfits are put together. There’s worse places to get some fashion tips from!

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