Vintage Tune for the Weekend! Kay Starr “The Rock and Roll Waltz”

We have all seen it happen, and it has all happened to us. We go out at the weekend to have a good time, maybe a few drinks and definitely a dance. It may have been a while as we are pushing on a bit and our metabolism is not what it once was. But that does not matter as we will dance to make room for the chip butty later!

The it happens. Happily bopping along to a dance pop, dance tune when a noise emits from the speaker. What is this noise? What is this beat? What is this time signature? Finally, how the hell am I supposed to dance to this? It happened to me recently with dub-step, how is one supposed to dance to “wubwub?”.

We are all confused

But I am not sad. This has happened all throughout history as music  develops and pushes boundaries. It is what makes music so exciting, versatile and creatively stimulating. Not being sure how to dance to new music is as old as time, music pushes dance to develop and visa versa. Just ask Kay Starr, the amazing Americal jazz singer. Kay is best known for her work in the 1950s and Billie Halliday said that she was the only white woman who could sing the blues (high praise indeed).

Kay Starr

The song I have chosen is called “(The Rock and Roll Blues). It tells the story of a young Kay coming home from a date to find her parents dancing to a song on her record player. The funny thing about all this was that they were waltzing, to a Rock and Roll song. They gave up trying to adapt and just had their moment and that is a wonderful image.

So when you are out and the song changes and you don’t know what to do stop. Then keep dancing anyway you know how, for the love of the music. Do you think I could waltz to dub-step?

Also on a side-note Kay is 90 and was still performing in 2012. She is awesome.

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