Vintage Tune for the Weekend! Preab san Ól

The writers for this blog are all based in Ireland, and Ireland is famous for quite a few things. One of the main ones being, drinking. The Irish hava a love/hate relationship with booze. Sure it causes poverty, ill health, violence , pollution and destruction but it can also, if you get it just right, in moderation, it be a lot of fun. So much fun in fact that the Irish have been writing drinking songs for centuries.

Preab san Ól is one of those songs. It is a song written to remind us all that life is short so we should drink up and have fun while we can. It cheerily reminds us that we will be dead for ages, so having the craic in life is important. Especially with Paddy’s day only two days away.

Here is a version of the song in Irish by the Tossers.

And one in English for non-Irish speakers sung by Luke Kelly.

But drink in moderation peeps for as happy as this song is, there are plenty about rack and ruin that I will have to post if anyone is bold and drinks too much!



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