Vintage Tune for the Weekend! 911 “Party People Friday Night”

Let us be under no illusion weekend folk, music is not just fun, it is educational. The children of this generation are lucky to have pioneers such as Rebecca Black teaching them the days of the week. All of this so children and adults alike can countdown to the most important day of the week. FRIDAY.

911 – educating the children of the 90s. Through music.

My generation already knew how to do this thanks to Lee Brennan, Jimmy Constable and Simon “Spike” Dawbarn aka 911. They described for us how all we do is wait, listening to the clock ticking while wishing time away. We do this every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday until…drum roll…..FRIDAY NIGHT. 911 tell us to forget the other days, but this reverse psychology had the effect of teaching children of the 90s the days of the week and the importance of Friday.

My favourite verse goes as follows:

“Monday, I know it goes so slow;
Tuesday, oh, I just don’t know
Wednesday drives you crazy;
Thursday’s over, man, it’s Friday”

 It is like they can see into the souls of party people.

On hindsight with the days of the week, the references to clocks, the worship of Friday, did Ark Music Factory find their muse?

911′s greatest hits are available on Amazon. Enjoy part people. Especially on a Friday night.

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