Must See Web Weekly: A New “Mad” Season. A New You!

Just as last week saw the beginning of a new series of A Game of Thrones, attention this week has been reserved for the two hour long premiere of Mad Men‘s sixth season. As I am a massive fan, this weeks’s Web Weekly will be dedicated, just like last week, to a television show. If you’re looking for fast paced action and gut wrenching cliffhangers Mad Men  may not be for you. However, it is due to its pace that the characters really have time to unfold and you end up caring greatly for all of them (I must admit I even have a tiny soft spot for renowned “weasel” Pete Campbell). Beyond the amazing writing and inherent charm of its characters is the most obvious feature of the show, the style. We have all at least once in our lives bemoaned the fact that nobody quite dresses as glamorously as they once did, although I’m sure the 60′s had its own version of the pjs and Uggs combo and it wasn’t all tailored suits and wiggle dresses.

Now I can’t offer you an entire wardrobe worthy of Don Draper himself but I can give you an opportunity to play around with some Mad Men fashion in AMC’s game “Mad Men Yourself” in which you can create your very own Mad Men avatar. First you must decide whether you’re a “suit” or a “skirt” and from there you can choose many things including your skin colour, your body shape, your hair, your eyes,  eyebrows, nose and mouth. Then the fun part comes in, clothes (which have colour options) and accessories. The final step is to choose your background which can feature some of the show’s characters. I played around with the game and came up with these (click for larger).

 Creations can be downloaded to this size or in a handy icon form for sprucing up your online profiles. You can try your hand at the game here. If clothes are not your thing you can also take a Mad Men job interview, find out which character you’re most like or if you’re already craving the weekend, you can check out the party and cocktail guide

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