Must See Web Weekly: A Theme of Ice and Fire (Plus Some Dead Things)

With the newest series of A Game of Thrones landing last night and it set to air in the UK and Ireland tonight I am sure fans are very happy that they get to sink their teeth into some more fantasy goodness. From what I’ve seen, not only have fans become attached to certain characters, they have also cultivated quite a soft spot for the actors involved in the show. The theme has been done by everyone and everything from a Siamese cat to pokémon Jigglypuff and now thanks to a request made by MTV Geek you can now experience your much loved actors take on the Ramin Djawadi piece on the red carpet.

Unfortunately I cannot post the video directly onto the post (boo) but you can check it out by clicking here. Also for those lamenting the end of another Walking Dead Season, here is an interesting take on the theme from Marvel comic chairman Stan Lee’s YouTube channel World of Heroes.

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