Vintage Tune for the Weekend! Emmylou Harris “Two More Bottles of Wine”

There comes a point in every party when people start trickling away. The core group of hardcore party people, volunteer clean-up friends and over-stayers are buzzing with energy and show no sign of slowing.Conversation is muted, all the fun, drama, fights, kissing and making trouble is over. Empty cans, bottles, glasses, sweet wrappers and cigarette butts are strewn around the house. People now have to make a choice, go home/to bed or keep drinking and start singing.

If you do decide to keep singing I recommend that you start with Emmylou Harris and her song Two More Bottles of Wine. Written by Delbert McClinton it was Emmylou’s third number one single in 1978. She has won 12 Grammys over her career which is pretty bad ass. The song sounds like smoke filled bars, late night rummaging for more drink and empowered, strong singing and dancing.

Emmylou Harris

The song is one of loss and loneliness, about heart-break and distant family. There is even some unfulfilled ambition stuff thrown in. But it is not a sad song. You see everything is ok because its “all right ’cause it’s midnight and I got two more bottles of wine” and she sings it like she knows everything will be ok. Because it will be. Enjoy!

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