EA Media Briefing E3 “The Download”

EA’s show opened with noise and lasers. It was only to be expected with an EA show and they did not disappoint.  Would the (unfairly dubbed, imo) worst company in America win back some fans? Would they level the playing field in the great console war of Christmas 2014? I watched to find out.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Which side of history will you be on?

The first came as introduced by a man wearing a giant zombie head. That man was from Pop-Cap and was there to tell us all about their new game, the fabulously named, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare. Different to the mobile game that we all know and love, Garden Warfare is a shooter, with multi-player and co-op elements.

As could be expected it was colourful and crazy, with plants wearing sombreros, zombie football players, cactuses shooting missiles, garlic drones and so much more. We were treated to a showing of the survival mode, which took place in a Burton-eque graveyard that could have come straight from my beloved Medieval. It looked like great fun, especially taking down the disco zombie.

I think I will have to invest in a copy for parties, and lets be honest, days ending in “y”.

They also announced Peggle 2. Yay for EA including a mention of a successful casual game! No snobs allowed thank gaming.

Titan Fall

Will you fall for Titan?

Some more details were given about this game are included in the Microsoft presentation.

Titan Fall will be released in Spring 2014 on PC and Xbox. It is a multi-player game designed to feel like an in-depth single player experience. The idea for the game came about when discussing the ultimate evolution of a battle tank. This now means tanks are fast, agile and strong.

The titans vs titan fights were really something else. I was very impressed by the way the game kept up with all that was going on. For tiny human “pilots” there are jet packs and a bit of parkour to even the playing field.

Fans of big budget shooters will love this.

A tale of two engines

It’s solid cold.

Demonstrating us how far gaming technology has come EA revealed the names of two new engines, EA Sports Ignite and Frostbite 3. Sports Ignite will play a central part of some of the games below. Frostbite 3 comes all the way from Sweden, hence the name I am guessing. To tease us about just what Frostbite 3 will be used for we got a few seconds of a trailer for Star Wars Battlefront.

Need for Speed: Rivals

Do you need speed?

Putting it up to Forza 5  comes Need for Speed: Rivals from Ghost Games. In this game, cops are battling racers and vice versa. What makes this game stand out if that when playing online you can go from single player, to co-op to multi-player and back again. The game comes one world where you can hop in and out of modes at your choosing. Or you can pick one mode and stick to it, whatever you like! This is a very nice twist on the online abilities.

Oh and they also announced a Need for Speed movie and Aaron Paul introduced it with a swanky looking car that will probably be smashed up in the movie. Fun times!

Dragon Age Inquisition

The most anticipated game of 2014 in my opinion. Just watch the video. It needs no more words.


This is a gaming area that I am less familiar with. But I have to say that with the new Sports Ignition engine the action looked more realistic than ever. The figures moved like people, fluid, rather than blocky, staccato drones.The environments were more dynamic with crowds, nature features, and atmosphere.

The soon to be available titles are:

NBA Live 2014

NBA is A.O.K.

This was launched by a beat poet, in a rhyme all about gaming and basketball while players dribbled in the background. Different, but engaging. It promises better movement, dribbling and teamwork.

Madden 25

You would be Madden to miss this game

This features new “True Step.” Technology. Bodies move and fall naturally and lines are now fixed.

FIFA 2014

Not to be Messi’d with (sorry but he is one of the only players I know)

And then there was Drake. No not the tiny dragons that you use to make flame resistant armour in Dragon Age Origins, but Drake the rapper. No idea why he was there but as Emer our contributor says about him, YOLO.

Here Soccer players were interviewed while clips of them in the game were shown. All I could think was that it must be really weird to see your face in a game. But I digress, the emphasis again here was on natural movement and team intelligence.


Dramatically an old fashioned microphone lowers from the ceiling. A loud shouty suited announcer man appears and shouts into it. He welcomes Head of EA sports Andrew Wilson, UFC boss Dana White and two UFC fighters, Jon Jones and Benson Henderson. They talk for a while about UFC and make claims about fighting being the oldest sport. Controversial, as many do not even consider it a sport.

As can be expected there is plenty of blood, spit and slow motion kicks and punches. You can see limb impacting in limb. It was a bit violent for my tastes, and yes I do play shooters. Maybe it was the realism of the clip shown that made me uncomfortable!

Battlefield 4

Why does love always have to be a Battlefield?

Previously in the Microsoft reveal we viewed the single-player mode. Now was time for multi-player. So they called it “levolution”. Makes about as much sense as Drivatar, but anyway moving on (stop trying to make fetch happen etc.) The multi-player is now the all out chaos of war, with up to 64 other players. You can play on land, in the air or on/under the sea. It really is now a truly great team game, if it all works.

There is even a savage new mode called the Commander mode. Here you hover above the fray and provide intelligence and tactics to help the ground troops succeed. You can even, wait for it, play on your tablet on the move. Yes, you can fight wars on your commute to the office. Just don’t shout too loud if an unsuspended missile hits your party etc. It will scare people.

Ah Battlefield, a game all of your family can enjoy together.

Mirror’s Edge

Gotta have Faith

Yes. This was the big reveal. Faith is back and is free running in a world that is as beautiful and bright as ever. Reds and oranges burst out from the black and white backgrounds, as Faith free runs through the world. She looks so bad ass with tattoos, attitude and clothing that suits her mission (take note Konami)

Attitude ran through the presentation as well see her getting tattooed and are told that the game will be ready, when its bloody ready!


So as you can see a great mix of games that should keep every type of gamer happy. It was also not such a bland mix of identical protagonists that graced the Microsoft presentation. So have EA made fans happy? I would be surprised if they had not. Hurrah!

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