Must See Web Weekly: Pokémon Fusion

The Pokémon Fusion site has been around a good while and just when we had thought that it had been exhausted of all of its possibility, the internet has revived it. So far, the website allows you to take two different Pokémon from a list of 130 (all Pokémon up to Gyarados), and merge them. This has inspired artists from around the world to  re-imagine the tiny pixelated Pokémon creations into works of art.

The art works range from the epic…

Dubbed the “Holy-Balls-I’m-Going-To-Die pokemon” by kendallhaleart


The stuff of nightmares (by sabretoothlioness)


…to the downright silliest:

The artist’s “;AKSLJD” when explaining why they had to draw this is understandable. So cute. (by moanochrome)


“The Majesty” (by kairisk)


Weepinduo (by ohcorny)

If you want to check out other fusion inspired works,  the Tumblr  tag  for Pokémon Fusion  is there to be explored. If you are on a creative streak, why don’t you fuse some Pokémon together and try your hand at bringing them to life through art? For those of us more artistically challenged, the Pokémon Fusion site is still good to waste a bit of time and you can find it here.

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