Save our Built Heritage: 20 Kildare Street.

Dublin is widley regarded as one of the most beautiful and intact Georgian city centres in Europe.  During the 1800′s Hundreds of elegant Georgian streets were built in the centre of power.  Many were built by wealthy merchants as well as aristocratic families wanting to be close to the seat of government on College Green.  The wonderful thing about Dublin is that we have managed to keep our Georgian history pretty much intact, Such as Mountjoy, Merrion and Fitzwilliam Squares.

However there are still buildings that are at risk in the capital.  One of these is No. 20 Kildare street.  Number 20 was built in the middle of the 1700′s which makes it one of the earliest of Georgian homes. It is a strikingly beautiful building with an elegant Venetian window at first floor level.  Number 20 is located midway between one of the cities finest Squares, St Stephens Green, and Leinster House, the home of the Irish Parliament.

20 Kildare Street

One would think that with such a prestigious location it would be a shining example of the period.  Instead it  is in a dilapidated state which is a crime.  The indignity this building has suffered is not recent,  many years ago the building was vandalized by the neighbouring Shelbourne Hotel which gutted the house and turned the ground floors into a garage store for the hotels guests.  But now, the building is empty, and slowly falling further and further into decay.  Probably the most alarming thing about 20 Kildare Street in my opinion, is that this building is deteriorating while the building next door is occupied by the Department of Heritage.  One has to ask if they are blind to what is happening next door and will they ever do anything to secure this building?  The sad answer is probably not, and with the sorry state of our nations finances I feel, that this story will have but one out come.

According to An Tasce, NAMA is to secure the fabric and structure.

Why not write to your TD if you are concerned about saving this building? You can find details of your representative here on

If you would like to more more about Georgian Dublin why not check out “Georgian Dublin” by Gillian O’Brien and Fiona O’Kane.

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