Must See Web Weekly: The Stop the Pity Movement

MamaHope is a non-profit organisation which aims to build self sufficient communities in sub-Saharan Africa. At the moment, they are also working to create a much more accurate portrayal of the people of Africa through the Stop the Pity movement. They believe that it is important to re-humanise to African population as we are so often saturated with images of  poor, helpless Africans.

This brings me to one of my favourite videos from the movement, ¬†“African Men. Hollywood Stereotypes.” The massive increase in criticism of women in mass media as of late has made it quite easy to forget about other factors such as race, religion or class. Factors like these should also play a huge part in our examination of both male and female representation in the media.

Now that we have all of the seriousness out of the way, watch as four charming young men tell you about how “smiling is stupid” and give mention to “shirtless Matthew McConnaughey”.

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