Must See Web Weekly: A Whole New World

8tracks is a music streaming website where members create playlists. I came across the site on investigating character inspired playlists being posted on Tumblr. One of my favourite mixes has to be from user amyfarrahfowler. Instead of being character inspired, however, this playlist comprises of songs from animated movies sung in the languages of the countries these storis are set in or have originated from. Enjoy!


i. hellfire (the hunchback of notre dame) – french; ii. once upon a december (anastasia) – russian; iii. a whole new world (aladdin) – arabic; iv. bare necessities (the jungle book) – hindi; v. i see the light (tangled) – german; vi. can you feel the love tonight? (the lion king) – zulu; vii. i’ve got no strings (pinocchio) – italian; viii. i won’t say i’m in love (hercules) – greek; ix. it’s tough to be a god (the road to el dorado) – spanish; x. under the sea (the little mermaid) – danish; xi. i’ll make a man out of you (mulan) – mandarin; xii. when you believe (the prince of egypt) – hebrew.

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