Must See Web Weekly: Work It Out

There are many people who use Summer as an excuse to finally get back in shape. As soon as you can say “New Year’s resolutions”, we are bombarded with advertisements promising the “perfect” beach body. Many people will keep the exercise up for the Summer and fall back into old habits once the rain and the cold settle in, as we can all snuggle back into oversized jumpers.

With the Autumn weather finally here, we have dreary weather contend with. It would of course be lovely to cosy up on the couch during the impending dark evenings, but why would you ever deny yourself the endorphins exercise can provide you with? If anything, why deny yourself the chance to wear the most amazing work out clothes ever?

Activate Apparel is an Etsy shop which has the mantra that “fitness is as much about attitude as it is about fortitude”, and the apparel they provide is certainly filled with attitude (Ed. Activate Apparel have now moved to their own website.)

Here are a few of my personal favourites from the shop (click picture to view):

Let's Get Down to Business

Training To Be Batman

Survival Rule Number 1 Cardio

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