Must See Web Weekly: Pumpkin, Glorious Pumpkin

I seem to be going overboard with food posts this October, but I cannot help myself when there are so many Halloween themed recipes to drool at.

Anyway, GastroGirl is the only food blog I follow on Tumblr. This is partly because I would rather not crave things like Crispy Autumn Veg Burgers with Apple Cider Slaw every hour of the day. Mostly though, it is because the many recipes GastroGirl compiles from a round the internet are so varied that I have no need for anything else.

Halloween, just like other holidays, has certain foods associated with it. For many it is about consuming as many sweets, nuts and chocolate as physically possible. However, here in Ireland we often forget that the iconic pumpkin is an item to be consumed and not just carved. This is probably because pumpkin only appears in mainstream shops around Halloween.

If cooking pumpkin is something you want to dive into, GastroGirl has you covered here (note: go to for following pages). Do be aware that most of the recipes posted are in American measurements. If you do not have the resources to use an American recipe, check out and their own Halloween recipes. These include a recipe for Wild Alaska Salmon and Tomato Halloween Pumpkin Tarts. Yum!

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake, why not give it a go? Click for recipe. (via gastrogirl from iambaker)

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