Must See Web Weekly: Merry Pugmas

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There are only two weeks left until the 25th of December. I think it is now safe to mention the “c” word and no, I don’t mean “clone” (Orphan Black plug because it is great). Despite selection boxes creeping into shops somewhere around August, Christmas trending alongside Halloween and the sudden influx of Christmas advertisements on the first of November, the festive feeling everywhere is still increasing. Seriously though, it feels like it has been Christmas for months.

As it is Monday, and the tinsel and gift-giving must seem like an age away (as  I said, it has been Christmas since August), I felt that there was no other remedy than pugs in Santa hats. This video by Adam Cox, who specialises in making animal videos, is just the thing. For those already sick of the jolly season, a pug in a Christmas clothing is just for Christmas (unlike pets you may get at Christmas because they are for life).

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