Must See Web Weekly: Watch the Queen Conquer

Beyoncé dropped her new album at the weekend (as if you didn’t hear) and it  may as well have been the second coming of Christ himself, going by the way some fans reacted. While “Queen Bey” conquered iTunes, I found myself dealing with some other queens in the A Song of Ice And Fire series of books. Fittingly, as I entered the ASOIAF world for the first time, I came across Tumblr blog “A Game of  Clothes“. According to the creator of the blog, they had watched the first series on television and then began to read the books. Subsequently, the creator of the blog found themselves drawn to the literary descriptions of the clothing and locations. What resulted was  a Tumblr dedicated to picking high fashion looks that a character might wear or perhaps fit a location.

More ASOIAF fashion goodness can be found on the “Game of Clothes” Tumblr.

If you are full of monarchical notions following the release of Betoncé’s album at the weekend, take some tips from Charlize Theron as to how to walk like a true queen.

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