Must See Web Weekly: Once Upon a Dream

When I first heard that Disney would be tackling Maleficent from their animated version of Sleeping Beauty in a live-action movie…I was pretty excited. This excitement was only heightened when I found out that Angelina Jolie had been chosen to play the part. Fast forward a good while later and I also found myself further intrigued by the release of the first official teaser trailer. Admittedly, the second teaser trailer did not grab me as much as it seems that Maleficent is going to be put in the “misunderstood” category of villains.

Today a new trailer featuring a rendition of that iconic Disney’s Sleeping Beauty song, “Once Upon a Dream” has hit. The song, which takes much of its content  from Tchaikovsky’s “Sleeping Beauty Waltz”, has been given a haunting make-over by Lana Del Rey.  The mixture of Tchaikovsky’s enchanting waltz with the atmospheric vocals of Lana Del Rey reminds me of some of Danny Elfman’s work in movies such as Edward Scissorhands. This re-imagining of the piece for Maleficent has sparked my interest once again and I have a feeling there is more to this movie than the trailers would have me believe (at least  I can hope).

The trailer:

The full song:

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