Must See Web Weekly: Twitch TV Plays Pokémon

Twitch TV is a site that allows gamers from around the world to broadcast, watch and talk video games 24/7. Judging by how the gaming community has behaved in the past (examples here and here), this may sound like many people’s idea of Hell.

Let me take you back to 1999, a simpler time when Britney’s loneliness was killing her and your Furby was still stuffed down the back of your wardrobe because it freaked you out too much. This year also saw the release of Pokémon Red and Blue to countries outside of Asia. Thanks to a Twitch TV user’s emulator, thousands of people are experiencing the magic of Red again. All at once.

How lovely and nostalgic right? Wrong. The emulator has the game run on chat commands (directional pad options, A, B and Start). The consequence of this is that controls are in the hands of the thousands of people reliving their youth. Poor Red has spent over 100 hours moving up, down, up, down, down up…you get the idea. You can check out this next level of The Divine Comedy below if you wish. For a summary of the highlights of the stream direct yourself over to this Dorkly article (worth it for the bonus chat screenshots of “THIS IS A HELL LIKE NO OTHER”).

Click the image blow to be taken to the stream. Enjoy!


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