Must See Web Weekly: Artists on Tumblr – Séamus Gallagher

AMajor7 is Tumblr blog by Canadian Séamus Gallagher which hosts his minimalistic black and white drawings. According to his Twitter, Gallagher’s work has been featured on PaperMagVulture and FlavorWire  and also on his “mom’s refrigerator door.” He has also featured on my Tumblr dashboard for quite some time as I cannot get enough of his particular sense of humour. Often his drawings take on a comic sort of style with witty text that is easy to relate to and easy to have a giggle at. Sometimes Gallagher will take a break from posting his work and reblog a song or two, or even post a personal text post that is very much in character with his artwork. Click the piece below (which is one of my favourites) to be taken to his blog.

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