Must See Web Weekly: Solar Roadways

No matter where you are on the global warming debate (however the scientific consensus is that climate change is real, very real – Ed) you would find it hard pressed to not agree that we need to cut back on non-renewable energy resources. As tensions continue to rise globally over the distribution of oil and gas, is there really an effective solution?

Enter Solar Roadways, the brainchild of electrical engineer Scott Brusaw and clinical professional counsellor Julie Brusaw. They have figured out a way to utilise “lifeless, boring solar panels” in an innovative way, by replacing roads and paths with solar units. These units can be replaced individually should they need repairs and they generate electricity in a renewable way. The tempered glass used meets all load bearing requirements and is also made from recycled glass itself. As well as all of this, panels can be heated to prevent ice and snow which also saves time and money. It has been estimated that if all roads in the USA  were replaced with Solar Roadways, they would generate three times the amount of electricity needed.

Now for the fun bit. Each unit is fitted with LED lights that can be programmed to light up as road markings, parking allocations, warnings when an animal is crossing the road and even sports configurations for basketball courts. More details are outlined in the video below and even more information can be found on the Solar Roadways Indiegogo. It almost sounds too good to be true.

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