Must See Web Weekly: Minor Musical Changes

Thanks to a plethora of TV talent shows, we have the privilege (I use that word lightly) of hearing many people “make songs their own”. Nine times out of ten a usually fast paced song is just turned into some version of a piano based ballad. It just goes to show how little you have to do to change the entire feel of a song.

YouTube has a range of covers that are much more varied in their musical choices (take this multi-genre cover of a Katy Perry song for example). Singer/songwriter Chase Holfelder has taken the American national anthem and changed its effect entirely and he only did one simple thing, changed the key. As Chase explains in his video, most music comes in the form of either a major (“happy”) or a minor (“sad”) key. This can change within a piece but that’s a discussion for another day. It really makes you appreciate the endless possibilities within music.


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