Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre


If you ever find yourself in the Marlborough region of New Zealand and you feel like you can’t take any more wine tasting tours, then I just may have an alternative activity for you. Just 5km outside Bleinheim you will Read more ›

Lost History: Summerhill House Co. Meath


Today, I am bringing you another sad story of architectural destruction as Ireland is littered with great estates without great houses. One such example is in Summerhill, Co. Meath.  Summerhill House was one of the largest houses built in the Read more ›

Cork City Gaol Heritage Centre


Holidays are a time for relaxation, taking a well needed break from stress and strain. Some people choose to do this on a beach or by going shopping, I do it by visiting prisons, graveyards and old, ruined buildings. So Read more ›

Lost History: Dartrey House


I posted previously about the destruction of our architectural history. I paid particular attention to the loss of Devonshire house in London, torn down in the twenties to be replaced by the urban sprawl. This architectural loss is not limited just to Read more ›

Save our Built Heritage: 20 Kildare Street.


Dublin is widley regarded as one of the most beautiful and intact Georgian city centres in Europe.  During the 1800′s Hundreds of elegant Georgian streets were built in the centre of power.  Many were built by wealthy merchants as well as aristocratic families wanting Read more ›

Lost history: Devonshire House, London


Why, I ask myself, are we so eager to move forward at the cost of our heritage? On my most recent visit to London I took a stroll around Green Park and Piccadilly, where I stumbled across a pair of Read more ›

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