Microsoft Media Briefing E3


It was finally time! After a disappointing Xbox One launch this was Microsoft’s chance to pull it back. For those who did not see it, the launch was like that of a cable company who never found Dogmeat in Fallout Read more ›

Japanese Film Festival 2013 – Live Action


Part 1 of the this article on anime and with details of the festival can be found here. My Back Page (Mai bakku peji) Our first live action movie of the festival that we attended was Nobuhiro Yamashita’s My Back Read more ›

Must See Web Weekly: L.A. “Blooper” Noire


There was so much to choose from for the first Web Weekly post of the year, but something broke the internet recently that really stood out. The thing in question is the L.A. Noire blooper reel posted by Motionscan pioneers Depth Analysis last Read more ›

Must See Web Weekly: Dragon Effect


Some of us here at Rediscovering Culture would mention the Mass Effect game series and the Dragon Age series when it comes to listing our favourite games. So naturally if we were presented with a crossover we would get very excited, and Read more ›

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